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The Big Market

“These kids care. These kids are smart. They know their life situation. They know life has not been great to them, and yet they don’t ever stop. Even though these kids were given basically nothing starting off in this life, they give everything they have. And that is love to me. These kids taught me the true meaning of love and charity.

I have so many stories I could share, and hopefully I will someday, but there was one day a couple of the teachers and I decided to go to the big market in Haiti. A few of the older kids came with us. This market was crowded with people and could leave a foreigner (like myself) unsure of what to do with themself. I think Fabienne knew that. The whole way walking to the market, through the market and back, she made sure I was either holding her hand or that she had an arm around me. This 15 year old girl decided it was her job to take care of me, a 22 year old. She put my needs before her own, and that’s what these kids are all about. Because of these experiences it was so hard for me to leave them, but when I left I promised them and myself I would do anything and everything I can to help them.

I’m so grateful for Pathways to English for giving me that opportunity. I owe everything to Fabienne and the sweet kids at Foyer Coin Des Cieux.”

-Teacher Sarah; Volunteer in Summer of 2018

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