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Our Impact 

Pathways to English has been working to incubate its concepts at the Foyer Coin des Cieux (“FCC” aka Corner of Heaven Home), an orphanage in Haiti. At the FCC, the initial effort was to provide sustaining energy. That effort led to the building of classrooms and sleeping areas for teachers as a part of ILP efforts. Additional support funds continued through ILP and other effects have been provided to help bring the initial concept of teaching English. 

These efforts combined have raised approximately $80,000, but more importantly have facilitated the opportunity to work with the FCC to achieve transformation in the lives of impoverished youth, many of whom are orphaned. These young children have abundant capacity and Pathways to English seeks to match that capacity as it pursue the implementation of its three-phase vision: 
Learn, Master, Thrive



Installed solar panels at the Foyer coin des cieux

 The state-sponsored power in Haiti can be extremely sporadic and make things like doing your homework after dark, sleeping with a fan, or Skyping difficult. $7,000 was raised to equip the FCC with solar power. 

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