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Our Vision

At Pathways to English, our mission is to break the poverty cycle through specific steps on the course of self-sustainment. We believe that one of the most effective ways to help impoverished communities is to begin by teaching them English. They can then use their English as we teach enable them with the vocational skills they will need to be self-sufficient. By doing this they will be able to secure a living wage that contributes to their economic success as well as their communities.


Our steps to success:

1 Give Individuals an English Education

Through an English education students will be able to access vocational skills taught in English.

2. Teach Students Vocational Skills

Learning specific skills that will help directly with work and career skills.

3. Help Individuals Find Jobs with Learned Skill

Connecting skills with jobs to make a living wage that will help to support and develop communities in impoverished areas. 

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