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Become a Monthly Donor

Since 2016, Pathways to English was founded with a goal to give children in Haiti an English education. As we have pursued this goal, individuals have helped us to give over $30,000 in donations to the Foyer Coin des Cieux. These individuals have helped to build classrooms, a teacher living space, education supplies, solar panels, and food for the orphanage. These donations have been instrumental in our efforts to assist the Foyer Coin des Cieux and teach children in Haiti English.

Moving forward, we realize that basic needs must be met in order for learning to truly take place. Getting the orphanage fully funded will help our work moving forward, as we will then be able to focus all of our efforts on the next steps towards breaking the poverty cycle including bettering the children's English education, a vocational school, and more. To fund the orphanage and give them the monthly support they need to fully operate, $3,000 a month is needed. 

Pathways to English is a U.S. non-profit 501(c)(3) set up specifically to help the mission of Foyer Coin des Cieux. Contributions are tax deductible. 

Monthly donors will receive regular updates on the children at the Foyer Coin des Cieux. 

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